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About Us

Hello Everyone!

I'm Chef Bunky D. I was born and raised in Lansing Michigan and now I reside in Atlanta, GA. I am a self-taught culinary extraordinaire. As a young boy I would watch my mother do her thing in the kitchen. She did it with such finesse and I took interest and wanted to learn from her. She soon thereafter began teaching me how to prepare after school snacks and meals.

I started perfecting the meals she taught me and began sharing them and everyone loved them. Once married me and my wife began making creative dishes with whatever we had on hand. We would make spectacular dishes by recreating family recipes and adding our own special hooked up touches to it. We then opened our own take-out restaurant called Buffalo Wings and Philly's located in Eastside Atlanta.

I specialized in hot off the grill Philly Cheese Steaks, Wings, Salads and Burgers. It gave me so much joy seeing my customers reaction and facial expressions when they bit into my food. They loved the fact that it was fresh, hooked up and made with love. Fast forward I have since retired and in my spare time I meal prep for others and love jumping on social media and sharing dope dishes hoping to inspire others to follow their dreams. I want everyone to experience the flavors and goodness I put into my food that is why I created Da'Bomb seasonings. I combine the right herbs and spices to make every dish flavorful, savory, scrumptious and delicious.

When I say “This is what you want” This is what you want Baby and it's Da'Bomb Seasonings.